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[^2]: Please correct them in the `` [^3]: For the sake of fairness, we would like to mention that there is a difference between our service (`ttagger`) and the original `meteor-tagger` package. The latter requires a user to provide initial training data and additionally computes a model for predicting a tag sequence for the whole text document. `ttagger` is a black-box tagger that does not require any training data. We expect to release more details about our tagger in our future work. The Post-Tribulation Dispensationalism of Kevin DeYoung On April 4, 2010 I posted a provocative comment about one of the on-line forums, which revolved around the doctrine of dispensationalism. The author of the comment was a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary who was a writer for one of the leading dispensational websites in the country. The author made the comment that was titled: “Is Dispensationalism Doctrinal or Apologetic?” I am sure that the answer to that question is obvious to most readers. The comment is not merely provocative; it is also critical of the dispensationalist doctrine. For example, the author was concerned that dispensationalism might be influencing the way in which Christians deal with a variety of doctrinal problems. The author described some of the greatest problems of Western Christianity as follows: So is dispensationalism—and its greater, Anglo-American correlative—identity Christianity—the root of our greatest problems? In fact, the answer is yes. Its roots are not to be found merely in our theology or in the way we formulate it, but in the ideological or religious nature of our society. We are not driven to worship God in the image of the world by the lure of wealth, power, or pleasure; but by the constant threat of starvation, homelessness, and ridicule. Dispensationalism, and identity Christianity, are culturally indispensable: they are necessary for the preservation of our worship of God—and the preservation of our worship of God is indispensable for our continued existence as a people. The dangers are not just theological, but existential. The author continued: Is the dispensationalist doctrine true? It is not a question we can answer by weighing the evidence or finding evidence that fits the case. The question is a practical one, and it is a question only we can



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Terjemahan Jami\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ud Durus

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